Tulip Time!

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Tulips in Bloom
Tulip Garden
Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, Illinois

A walk through Chicago's Brookfield Zoo in the spring unveils lots of interesting things. First, the flowering bulbs are everywhere. These tulips were blooming in a small garden off the south gate of the zoo. Lots of other colorful gardens were taking shape too.

Some of the animals that have been locked up inside all winter are now outside. The lion, leopard, camels and tiger were all active on Saturday! They usually sleep quite a bit in the summer, but they were happy to be outside and soaking in the sunshine.


Brokecompsoul said...

I hope they're back inside now brrrr

Eddie said...

A beautiful photograph. It has
a lot of colorful personality
to it. After months of seeing
winter straw brown scenery, it is
a very welcomed change again.

Thanks Tom.
Eddie K.