Gulls and Waves

Gulls and Waves
The fall around the Great Lakes brings high winds and cold temperatures. This week was no exception, as the winds and waves battered the southeastern shore of Lake Michigan.

Waves exceeding 8 feet crashed into the St. Joseph, Michigan pier and lighthouses. The wind combined with the geometry of the pier, seem to enhance the size, frequency, and height of the waves, as the water is pushed into the corner of the pier and beach, then sent backward into the lake again only to crash into more waves.  When this combination occurs, the waves build to great heights, as seen on the video in my previous post

These conditions are extremely hazardous for boaters and swimmers. I don't think a person would have much of a chance in the rough, cold waters north of the pier.  South of the pier is a different story - kite surfers and kayaks often brave the wind and waves for a challenging surf or paddle.

For me, every visit to Lake Michigan is an experience, and unique.  The wave action is never the same twice, the splashes on the lighthouses are never the same, and in winter, the ice formations are spectacular.  This is something one needs to experience first-hand.

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