Michigan City Waves

Michigan City Waves

Winds were at the correct angle to drive the waves of Lake Michigan into the Michigan City East Pierhead lighthouse. This lighthouse tends not to get as drenched as it's cousin in St. Joseph, Michigan, yet during certain storms, the waves batter the pier and lighthouse.  During these conditions, it's easy to see why there are catwalks to many of the lighthouses on the Great Lakes. Even on the catwalk, the lighthouse keeper would get drenched with water as the waves broke against the pier.

With temperatures in the low 40s, one generally would not want to wander anywhere near the water. However, there are a few who brave the elements for a bit of adventure - kite surfers.  There were two kite surfers on this morning, skimming across the waves at high speed, propelled by the winds over Lake Michigan.

Kite Surfing

At times, the surfers would use the waves as ramps and jump many feet into the air, pulled and guided by their parachute-like kites fastened to them. Looks like a lot of fun to me, but I'd be a bit concerned with the proximity of the pier and lighthouse.


I'll see many kite surfers through the winter - as long as the lake is still liquid and not frozen over, they'll brave the elements for a one of a kind thrill ride.

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