Relentless Waves

Relentless Lake Michigan waves crash into the St. Joseph, Michigan outer lighthouse, on a windy, Fall afternoon. It's amazing how much stress these structures can endure. For over 100 years, high winds, pounding surf, and tons of ice, have battered this lighthouse, and yet it remains standing.

This is one in a series of 16 of my recent photographs featured on the Weather Channel's site:
Lighthouse Battered by 20-Foot Waves

Not only do the photos show the waves the lighthouses often experience, but also the process of how they become covered in ice in winter months.  It's this wave action combined with freezing temperatures that produces the interesting ice formation on the lighthouses.

Last year, the Weather Channel featured 28 of my iced lighthouses in a gallery entitled,
Breathtaking Frozen Lighthouses

They also produced a video of my images during the polar vortex:
Beautiful Icy Lighthouse Art

Soon the temperatures will drop low enough for the ice to form once again, and only time will tell if the formations will be as captivating as in past years.

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