Orthogonals Technically, orthogonals involve right angles, however, in perspective drawing, orthogonals refer to the lines going back from an object to the vanishing point. These lines represent sides that are at right angles to the front of the object, but are drawn as diagonals to create the illusion of perspective.

When I was introduced to perspective drawing in high school, I was determined to master the technique.  In college, I learned involved methods of measurement within perspective to achieve perfect results. I'm still amazed with perspective drawing, and see the world (and approach my photogaphy) a bit differently because of it.

 Here, it seemed almost everything pointed toward a single vanishing point - the clouds, stream, horizon, beach, dunes - creating a lot of interest in the scene as I walked past Kintzele Ditch.

 Following several days of waves and high winds, the sand on the inland side of the stream was piled up about five feet. Looking closely, strata are clearly evident as the sand was deposited layer after layer. This area changes significanly every time I visit, and at times, I've witnessed changes by the minute, as the waves push the sand up against the running stream, and the stream is forced to change direction to empty into the lake. Never a dull moment on the shore of Lake Michigan.

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