How About a Big Kiss?

With Valentines Day on it's way, I thought I'd give everyone a big kiss. This sign was a landmark in the Chicago area. I think there were a few of the Magikist Carpet Cleaner signs around, but I distinctly remember the huge one just off the Kennedy Expressway. We would pass it each time we drove to my Aunt Marge and Uncle Roman's house. This giant sign would light up at night with vertical pieces of red neon and the lights would move from the outside edges to the center and back out again.

This type of sign must have become very expensive to create and keep up, because around 1980, they began to disappear and were replaced with cheap, flat rectangles with the image painted on it.

I miss the signs that used to be along the Kennedy, Dad's Rootbeer, Coke, Magikist, and especially the carpet company with the neon sign shaped like a ringing telephone.

Cathy's phone is ringing!

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