Radio Debut!

John and Stan G. will make their "radio debut" sometime in March.
While attending a big band concert in Oak Park, IL, they were asked by WDCB radio host John Russell to record a promotional spot.

Here's the info from the radio station web page:

Midwest Ballroom

Saturday, 5 p.m.
New to the WDCB airwaves, Midwest Ballroom is hosted by John Russell (Ghrist), noted author and authority on Midwest ballroom orchestras from both the present and past. In this hour-long program, you’ll hear music from these dance bands, as well as a five-minute weekly feature highlighting a musician from ballroom history, John’s featured “song of the week,” and “sounds bites” from archived interviews.

So it's not the big time, but it's still fun! Listen for them on WDCB radio 90.9 FM between 5pm and 7pm on a Saturday in March. There are only 4, so sit back and enjoy the big band sounds!

You can also listen live on the internet here:

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