My Day Had Impact ............Literally!

Finally finished another busy day a work! My assistant has been ill for about two weeks, so I've been pretty busy. I got about 20 minutes from work and got stopped in traffic waiting for a red light about two blocks away. After about 20 seconds of calm WHAMM!!! Someone hit me from behind sending my car into the car ahead of me (which is not pictured).

I got out to take a look at who hit me and survey the damage, it seems it always feels worse than it is. My rear bumper didn't have much damage, just a couple of scratches that can be sanded out. My front license plate bracket is toast, I'll need to replace that. The camera phone came in handy; I can prove there wasn't any damage to the car ahead of me.

The people in the car that hit me were a little hurt, I guess they got whiplash. Everyone else refused treatment by the ambulance that was dispatched to the scene after calling 911.

The police had us move the cars and then proceeded to write up the reports - all three pages and over an hours worth! Turns out that the last car didn't stop in time so he hit the car behind me which hit mine and pushed it (brakes applied fully on impact) into the car ahead of me. The car ahead of me was a rental, so the lady in that car was a bit nervous, but the car didn't have any noticeable damage.

The two cars behind me had considerable damage, but they were all drivable.

Now I Have to fill out my part of the police report and mail it in so the insurance companies can battle things out.

At least nobody was seriously hurt.

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woof said...

you should of not stop for that light, but to drive on the sidewalk instead