Just thought I'd share with you a television show I've been watching for the past couple of months on the Science Channel. It's called Survivorman and it teaches you how to survive in various wilderness situations. Survivorman is a one man show, Les Stroud is the host, narrator, cameraman and he even writes the music. The interesting part of this show is the fact that Les is alone for 7 days in the wilderness, he is the camera crew- having to lug 60 pounds of camera equipment with him, and film himself from several different angles. It would be hard enough trying to survive for 7 days in these areas, but he also has to film it.

Les has no food, water or supplies other than what a typical hiker would have. In one show after falling into freezing water, all he had to survive was a handful of cashews and a multi-tool. Other times he re-enacts a plane crash, tipped over canoe, broken down motorcycle, so he shows you how to use the parts from these items to survive. It's very interesting how he finds food and water, builds shelters, makes a fire, etc..

From the frozen arctic to the arid desert, Survivorman is one of the few true reality survivor shows. Watch it this week either on the Science Channel at 8pm ET Friday, or on the Discovery Channel Tuesday night.

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