Tiki Gardens 1965

Let's travel back in time to the 1960's when Florida still had some of it's little theme parks. On Florida's west coast, in Indian Shores (near Clearwater) there was a place called Tiki Gardens.
This small park included some gift shops and a restaurant calledTrader Franks. I remember walking through Tiki Gardens as a child in the early 70's. There were lots of little things to see and plenty of photo spots such as tiki statues, gardens and a rickshaw which my brother and I had to jump in.

I also remember palm trees that were trained to grow into strange shapes, almost lying on the ground for several feet then growing upright again.

What Florida park would be without one of these - a sign you could put your face into and take a photograph! -Gotta love it!

Sometime in the late 80's Pinellas county acquired the old park and razed the buildings to produce a parking lot for the Indian Shores Beach Access. Every time I drive by I sigh and think of what once was.

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